Standard formats like 4:3 or 16:9 are history. Nowadays LED walls in every imaginable forms are trending and that requires special content. From party visuals in filthy formats to corporate presentations over 8 screens – creativity knows no bounds.

Visuals, loops, mapping and many more.

Lighting is no longer the only way to generate special effects at an event. Whether stripes, triangles or curved screens – LED walls in the most creative shapes and variations are now trending. But these are nothing without the appropriate content. Whether clubbing or corporate event – with the appropriate visuals, the LED wall or the projection only come to life. Together with our partners, we also implement complex video mapping installations.

Distorted logos? No thanks!

This is where graphic design meets event engineering. Logos of customers and sponsors usually come in a variety of shapes and formats. Especially with creative solutions such as pyramidal LED walls or elaborate projections, it is important to present the logos correctly and to adapt them if necessary.