Not only seeing the stage, but experiencing the stage – even weeks before it is set up. Exact CAD planning tools and high-quality 3D visualizations bring the event to life in advance.  

Imagination? Not necessary!

Everything starts with a concept. Together with the organizer, the director or the artists, the setup is planned on a creative level and then converted into a technical plan. Together with my network, I like to advise in all technical matters.

With state-of-the-art 3D visualization, the stage can be fully experienced in advance. Every moment and every cue of the event is simulated – in the best quality and from every angle. This allows customers or artists to get an accurate picture weeks in advance of the event.

Preprogrammed lasts better.

The stage is not even built yet, but the light show is already set. Elaborately programmed shows often require expensive additional rental days of the locations. A pre-programmed show not only saves costs, but also offers a lot more creative possibilities without time pressure. A network of light, sound and video sometimes even allows even the most complex shows to be controlled by just one person.